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The preprints are works made by IMPA’s researchers and students, and other studies related to the Institution. They intend to give rapid dissemination of these works that eventually will appear in specialized periodics.

They are distributed by the following series:
Serie A - Articles of researchers and PhD students of IMPA
Series B - Masters dissertations of IMPA
Series C - Doctoral thesis of IMPA
Series D - Articles of researchers from other institutions
Series E - Scientific-technological publications of IMPA’s researchers

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Latest preprints:

Título / AutorNúmero / Ano
On the Rank of the Baum-Bott Map

Midory Komatsudani Quispe 

Dimensionality Reduction in Neuroscience and Epidemiology

Lucas Martins Stolerman 

Decoupling and noise sensitivity for models with conservative dependencies


Complex Germen on invariant isotropic tori under the Hamiltonian phases flow with in involution Hamilton functions

Amaury Alvarez Cruz, Baldomero Valiño Alonso 

The effect of carbon dioxide in oil recovery from calcite reservoirs Part II.

A. C. Alvarez, W. J. Lambert, J. Bruining,D. Marchesin