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The preprint IMPA exhibit works made by their researchers and students, and other studies related to the Institution.

They are distributed by the following series:
Serie A - Articles of researchers and PhD students of IMPA
Series B - Masters dissertations IMPA
Series C - Doctoral thesis at IMPA
Series D - Articles of researchers from other institutions
Series E - Publications of scientific and technological researchers from IMPA

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Visual Representations for Improvement of Music Understanding

Leandro Cruz Vitor Rolla Juliano Kestenberg Luiz Velho 

Morita equivalence of formal Poisson structures

Inocencio Esteban Ortiz Samudio 

Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces in Homogeneous Spaces

Haimer Alexander Trejos Serna 

Determination of 2-dimensional GK foliations on $\mathbb{P}^n$ associated to the affine Lie algebra

Raphael Constant da Costa 

Retoque digital com o método SPH

Fernando Alves Mazzini