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The preprints are works made by IMPA’s researchers and students, and other studies related to the Institution. They intend to give rapid dissemination of these works that eventually will appear in specialized periodics.

They are distributed by the following series:
Serie A - Articles of researchers and PhD students of IMPA
Series B - Masters dissertations of IMPA
Series C - Doctoral thesis of IMPA
Series D - Articles of researchers from other institutions
Series E - Scientific-technological publications of IMPA’s researchers

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Título / AutorNúmero / Ano
Range-relaxed criteria for the choosing Lagrange multipliers in nonstationary iterated Tikhonov method

Antonio Leitao Benar Svaiter Romana Boiger 

On a family of gradient type projection methods for nonlinear ill-posed problems

Antonio Leitao Benar Svaiter 

THz Generation by GHz Multiplication in Superlattices

Mauro Fernandes Pereira Vladmir Anfertev Jorge Passamani Zubelli Vladmir Vaks 

A liquidation risk adjustment for value at risk and expected shortfall

Lakshithe Wagalath Jorge P. Zubelli 

The Calibration of Stochastic-Local Volatility Models - An Inverse Problem Perspective

Yuri F. Saporito Xu Yang Jorge P. Zubelli