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The preprints are works made by IMPA’s researchers and students, and other studies related to the Institution. They intend to give rapid dissemination of these works that eventually will appear in specialized periodics.

They are distributed by the following series:
Serie A - Articles of researchers and PhD students of IMPA
Series B - Masters dissertations of IMPA
Series C - Doctoral thesis of IMPA
Series D - Articles of researchers from other institutions
Series E - Scientific-technological publications of IMPA’s researchers

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Topics in discrete probability: Analysis of the past and the future

Alan Anderson da Silva Pereira 

The Role of Self Loops and Link Removal in Evolutionary Games on Networks

Dario Madeo Chiara Mocenni Jean Carlo Moraes Jorge P. Zubelli 

A Splitting Strategy for the Calibration of Jump-Diffusion Models

Vinicius Albani Jorge Zubelli 

Logarithmic Modules for Chiral Differential Operators of Nilmanifolds

Bely Rodriguez Morales 

Multiplier Stabilization Applied to Two-Stage Stochastic Programs

Clara Macedo Lage Claudia Sagastizabal  Mikhail Solodov