IMPA Seminars
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Tuesday, 26
Estudo do efeito de difusão (simplificada) em sistemas não estritamente hiperbólicos de leis de conservaçãoApplied and Computational Mathematics

Luis Fernando Lozano Guerrero


13:30 - Room 347

Friday, 22
Localization of the continuous Anderson hamiltonian in 1dProbability and Combinatorics

Cyril Labbé

Université Paris Dauphine

13:30 - Room 224

O Problema de Kakeya para Corpos FinitosGraduate Students’ Colloquium

Gregory Cosac


15:30 - Room 347

Wednesday, 20
Strong asymptotic freeness of random permutationsProbability and Combinatorics

Charles Bordenave

Université Toulouse e UMI-CNRS IMPA

10:30 - Room 228

Live Coding MusicComputer Graphics

Vitor Rolla


13:30 - Auditorio 3

Big Data and Analytics Applied to Production Monitoring and OptimizationMathematical Methods in Finance

Ismael H F Santos

CENPES/Centro de Pesquisas da PETROBRAS - PhD Computer Science

17:30 - Room 232

Tuesday, 19
Relaxation to equilibrium of block dynamics and other non local Markov chainsProbability and Combinatorics

Pietro Caputo

Università di Roma Tre

13:30 - Room 333

Almost complex 6-manifolds with trivial canonical bundleDifferential Geometry

Gonçalo Oliveira


15:30 - Room 236.

Friday, 15
Lectures on Combinatorial Statistics (part 3/3)Probability and Combinatorics

Gabor Lugosi


10:30 - Room 228

Homologia de MorseGraduate Students’ Colloquium

Clarice Netto


15:30 - Room 347

Wednesday, 13
Lectures on Combinatorial Statistics (part 2/3)Probability and Combinatorics

Gabor Lugosi


10:30 - Room 236

Tuesday, 12
Locally conformally Kaehler manifolds, old and newDifferential Geometry

Liviu Ornea


15:30 - Room 236.

Monday, 11
Lectures on Combinatorial Statistics (part 1/3)Probability and Combinatorics

Gabor Lugosi


10:30 - Room 228

Friday, 8
Das esferas complexasGraduate Students’ Colloquium

Miguel Cueca


15:30 - Room 347

Wednesday, 6
Hydrodynamics for a non-ergodic activated exclusion process,Probability and Combinatorics

Clement Erignoux


10:30 - Room 228

Ratcheting pairs of dropletsApplied and Computational Mathematics

Carlos Galeano-Ríos

Math. Dept., University of Bath, Inglaterra

11:00 - Room 333

Tuesday, 5
Harmonic energy and geometric non-formalityDifferential Geometry

Dmitri Scheglov


15:30 - Room 236.

Forecasting Large Realized Covariance Matrices: The Benefits of Factor Models and ShrinkageMathematical Methods in Finance

Marcelo Cunha Medeiros


17:30 - Room 232

Monday, 4
The front location for branching Brownian motion with decay of massProbability and Combinatorics

Louigi Addario-Berry

McGill University

10:30 - Room 228

From the Geometry of Extreme Value Distributions to Improved Tail Fitting in Market DataMathematical Methods in Finance

William F. Shadwick

Omega Analysis

17:00 - Room 232