IMPA Seminars
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Thursday, 20
On a new approach to scattering for dispersive equationsAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations

Luccas Campos

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) and Florida International University (USA)

15:30 - Room 232

Derived brackets and generalized complex structuresGeometric Strutures on Manifolds Seminar

Misha Verbitsky


17:00 - Room 232

Wednesday, 19
How many stable equilibria will a large complex system have?Probability and Combinatorics

Boris Khoruzhenko

Queen Mary, University of London

15:30 - Room 345

Rauzy–Veech groups of flat surfacesDynamical Systems

Rodolfo Gutiérrez-Romo

Universidad de Chile

15:30 - Room 236

Compact moduli of elliptic K3 surfacesAlgebra

Valery Alexeev

University of Georgia

15:30 - Room 228

Tuesday, 18
Isoperiodic dynamics in rank 1 affine invariant manifoldsDifferential Geometry

Florent Ygouf

Tel Aviv University

15:30 - Room 236.

Monday, 17
Dynamics of generalized hyperbolic linear operatorsDynamical Systems

Bryce Gollobit

Graduate Center-CUNY

15:30 - Room 232

Friday, 14
Neighborhoods of elliptic curvesDifferential Geometry

Frank Loray

Université de Rennes I (IRMAR)

13:30 - Room 349

Thursday, 13
Adiabatic limit of Benney type systemsAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations

Juan C. Cordero C.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede Manizales

15:30 - Room 232

Geometric structures on semidirect products of Lie groupsGeometric Strutures on Manifolds Seminar

Anna Abasheva

HSE (Moscow)

17:00 - Room 232

Wednesday, 12
Recentes progressos e desafios na geração de música por aprendizagem profundaComputer Graphics

Jean-Pierre Briot


13:30 - Auditorio 3

The two-type Richardson model in the half-planeProbability and Combinatorics

Daniel Ahlberg

Stockholm University

15:30 - Room 345

Tuesday, 11
Elie Cartan, differential systems, transformation groups and differential invariantsApplied and Computational Mathematics

William F. Shadwick

Omega Analysis

13:30 - Room 232

Non-negatively curved vector bundles over cohomogeneity one manifoldsDifferential Geometry

Manuel Amann

Augsburg University

15:30 - Room 236

On fractional growth-dissipative Benjamin-Ono equationsAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations

Ricardo Pastrán

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

15:30 - Room 232

Wednesday, 5
Teaching Math through MusicComputer Graphics

Pablo Riera

Universidade de Buenos Aires

13:30 - Auditorio 3

Tuesday, 4
Boundary detection in particle-based fluidsComputer Graphics

Afonso Paiva


13:30 - Auditorio 3

Gromov-Hausdorff limits of Ricci-flat metrics on K3Differential Geometry

Misha Verbitsky


15:30 - Room 236.