IMPA Seminars
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Thursday, 24
Minimal surfaces of finite total curvature in $\mathbb{M}^2 \times \mathbb{R}$Differential Geometry

Rafael Ponte


15:30 - Room 236.

Isospectral coupling of matrix periodic Schrödinger operatorsMathematical Physics

Andrey Pupasov Maksimov

Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

17:00 - Room 232

Wednesday, 23
Sequências kneading para sistemas dinâmicos não autônomosDynamical Systems

Ermerson Araujo


15:30 - Room 236

Mixing properties of some mean field spin systemProbability and Combinatorics

Freddy Hernandez

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

15:30 - Room 349

Motivic tt-geometryAlgebra

Martin Gallauer


15:30 - Room 228

Tuesday, 22
Construction of genus one helicoids in $\mathbb{H}^2 \times \mathbb{R}$Differential Geometry

Ivan Passoni


15:30 - Room 236.

Monday, 21
Partially Hyperbolic Diffeomorphisms with constant exponentsDynamical Systems

Pablo D. Carrasco


15:30 - Room 224

Thursday, 17
About classification of neighborhoods of curvesHolomorphic Foliations

Olivier Thom


15:30 - Room 224

Wednesday, 16
Genericidade de entropía positiva para produto aleatório de difeomorfismos conservativosDynamical Systems

Mauricio Poletti

Université Paris-Sud

15:30 - Room 236

Stick breaking, clumping, and occupation laws of Markov chainsProbability and Combinatorics

Sunder Sethuraman

University of Arizona

15:30 - Room 349

Meeting Jean BourgainSpecial Talk

Artur Avila


17:00 - Auditorio Ricardo Mañé

Optimal Order Placement in FX MarketsMathematical Methods in Finance

Sebastian Jaimungal

University of Toronto

18:00 - Room 232

Monday, 14
Uma prova de estabilidade ergódica sem acessibilidade (O exemplo de Berger-Carrasco)Dynamical Systems

Davi Obata

Université Paris-Sud

15:30 - Room 236

Friday, 11
Controllable GHz-THz Nonlinear Optics in SuperlatticesMathematical Physics

M. F. Pereira

Department of Condensed Matter Theory Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic

15:30 - Room 236

Thursday, 10
Tuesday, 8
Asymptotic behaviour for nonlocal diffusion-convection equationsAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations

Liviu Ignat

Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy - IMAR, Romania

15:30 - Room 232

Holomorphic symplectic forms and deformations of complex manifoldsDifferential Geometry

Misha Verbitsky


15:30 - Room 236.