IMPA Seminars
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Monday, 30
Embedded contact homology and the volume property IMathematical Physics

Michael Hutchings

UC Berkeley

11:00 - Room 224

Inframonogenic functions and their applications in three dimensional elasticity theorySpecial Talk

Ricardo Abreu Blaya

Universidad de Holguín

13:30 - Room 228

Embedded contact homology and the volume property IIMathematical Physics

Michael Hutchings

UC Berkeley

14:00 - Room 224

First-order elliptic boundary value problems beyond self-adjoint induced boundary operatorsDifferential Geometry

Lashi Bandara

University of Potsdam

15:30 - Room 236

Friday, 20
Volumes of open surfacesAlgebra

Valery Alexeev

University of Georgia

15:30 - Room 228

Wednesday, 18
Tuesday, 17
On the Moduli Spaces of Metrics with Nonnegative Sectional CurvatureDifferential Geometry

Jackson Goodman


15:30 - Room 236

Thursday, 12
Cohomogeneity one actions on symmetric spaces of noncompact typeDifferential Geometry

Miguel Domínguez Vázquez

UAM - Madrid

15:30 - Room 236

Wednesday, 11
Renormalized transport of inertial particlesApplied and Computational Mathematics

Marco Martins Afonso

Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto

11:00 - Room 228

Wednesday, 4
ALM Modeling & Balance Sheet Optimization in Financial InstitutionsMathematical Methods in Finance

Diogo Gobira

Market Risk Manager at BNDES | ALM, MathFin and Programming Teacher at Financial Risk Academy

17:30 - Room 232

Tuesday, 3
Ricci flow on cohomogeneity one manifoldsDifferential Geometry

Anusha Krishnan


15:30 - Room 236